About Us

The Owners: Pat and Melynn Murphy

Pat and Melynn Murphy grew up in small towns in southwest Kansas. They met while in college and soon discovered they were born in the same hospital. After graduation, they married and in 1979 they found themselves living in Colorado and quickly fell in love with the mountains and the vast, natural beauty of the state.

Pat and Melynn Murphy are transforming Estes Park resort property with an energetic and infectious spirit. In 2011 they purchased a rundown resort; re-named it Murphy’s River Lodge and renovated the property into one of Estes Park’s most popular lodgings.

Fast forward to 2017. Pat and Melynn Murphy combined their Scottish and Irish heritages to create a place which encourages family, friendship and community.

The Murphy’s believe people want to make memories that last a lifetime—memories which can be passed down through the generations. They want guests to feel joy in their hearts just as they do when they themselves visit Murphy's River Lodge. They both feel a unique energy when they are in Estes Park and are thankful that their dreams have been realized for generations to come.